About Sturdi-Built Sheds

Sturdi-Built Sheds is proud to serve Western New York, from Buffalo to Rochester to Syracuse. We are confident that if you shop around, you will find that Sturd-Built Sheds provides the highest quality sheds in designs that will enhance the value of your home. We encourage you to shop around and compare. You will not find a better line of sheds on the market.

Added to that, we make sure that your shed is built to your specifications with the features you want. We come to your house to go over delivery and options with you, and we want to make sure you love the shed that we deliver to your backyard.

Worried about your yard? Don't Be!

The MULE is a very handy tool that weighs in at about 1000lbs. This is half the weight of most sheds so it is a very useful and effective tool in limiting yard damage caused from weight when your yard is wet.

Meet the MULE is a shed forklift that helps us get your shed in very tight spots with minimal effects to your yard, especially during periods of rain or bad weather.

Here's how it works:
We take the Mule off the truck and drive it to the back of the trailer and we pull the shed ¾ of the way off the trailer.

We place the two dolly flotation tires under that end of the shed and lower the shed onto the tires. We are now ready to place your shed in your backyard at the exact location you have prepared without even driving our truck/trailer onto your yard.

Things to consider before we deliver your shed:

Building permits:

Prior to purchasing one of our quality products, we recommend that you check with your local township office first to find out the requirements in placing a shed on your property. A set of guidelines may be required for you to follow which will advise you on "setback" requirements and determine where the shed can be placed in relation to front, side and rear property lines, as well as utility easements.

Since all municipalities have different regulations and requirements, we are unable to give advice on exactly what may be required of you. We are often asked to supply building specs and proof of insurance as part of the permit process and we are happy to assist whenever possible. Taking care of these issues is the responsibility of the property owner. Seales architectural drawings are available, as necessary, for a fee.

How to prepare your site:
  • Dig out the grass 3" – 5" and create a level area 12" larger than the size of your shed.
  • Fill in the area with ½" crushed stone to allow for the water to drain away from your building. 4x4 pressure-treated edge may be helpful to eliminate the stone from washing away but is not required. Concrete pads are also an option, but can be a bit costly.
  • Make sure we have enough room to deliver your new shed. Our delivery team must have at least 2 feet of clearance on each side, depending on the width of your structure.
  • Remove any obstructions. Please note that there must not be any tree limbs or branches, shrubs or fences, or utility lines that would prohibit access for the delivery of the shed.
Sturdi-built site preparation services:

Interested in having us prepare your site, we offer local site preparation services (prices will vary depending on the size and slope of your chosen site).

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